Table tennis betting

Table tennis betting

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Table tennis betting: rules and how they work

If you like to play table tennis, also known as tennis volleyball or table tennis, then betting on this sport will allow you to keep up with the biggest tournaments in the world. The table tennis betting offered by bookamkers will help you stay up to date with the latest results and winners of competitions.

Bookmakers sports betting section offers a wide selection of table tennis odds on players and tournaments around the world. On our site you can also watch table tennis online and bet live on some of the most important matches.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the rules of table tennis, the leagues, and lots of interesting facts about this still little-known sport.

The history of table tennis (ping pong)

Table tennis became popular among the Victorian elite, who played with improvised rackets. In the early 1900s, tables, nets and rackets were developed, and the game was exported to China, where it became very popular. The Asian country is now the home and absolute ruler of the sport.

The first World Table Tennis Championships were held in 1926 and the first national teams to participate were England, Wales, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Germany and Hungary, which won the team tournament, men’s and women’s singles, men’s doubles and mixed doubles.

Since then, the Table Tennis World Championships have been held almost every year. Since 2007, however, the event has been split into two:

  • World Team Table Tennis Championship;
  • World Individual Table Tennis Championship.

The competitions are held in alternate years. The former includes only two medals, while the latter awards five.

Table Tennis at the Olympics

The Olympics are the time when table tennis is in the spotlight of the entire sporting world. It was included in the Olympic Games in 1988, when China’s Chen Jing won gold in the women’s singles and Korea’s Yoo Nam-Kyu defeated his compatriot Kim Ki-Taek in the men’s singles final in Seoul.

China has been dominating the competition ever since, and the odds on table tennis always see players from this country as favourites. In five of the last six Olympics, a Chinese player has won gold in the men’s singles and there has never been an Olympic Games without a female table tennis winner. Only two women of different nationalities have reached the singles final in the history of the competition.

Since 2008, a new medal for the men’s and women’s team tournaments has always gone to China, with Germany winning two silvers and two bronzes.

Betting on the World Volleyball Championships

During the World Volleyball Championships, betting on the sport becomes super popular as the best players on the planet participate in the event. The attention on these tournaments is always very high and, for each match, Unibet offers plenty of odds and table tennis bets.

You can place live bets on all the matches of the World Table Tennis Championships. Our live odds change as each match progresses, allowing you to decide when is the right time to place your bet. When betting live, the factors to take into account are timing, personal judgement and luck. It takes a lot of practice to work out when is the best time to place a live bet, although you should always have luck on your side!


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