Introduction to horse racing betting

Introduction to horse racing betting

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For fans of horse racing and betting, there are basically three ways to place their bets on horses: going directly to the racecourse, betting at a land-based agency, or on the internet via an authorised bookmaker.

In this article we will analyse the three methods in detail so that you can then assess which one is best for you.


Theoretically, the best place to place your bets is directly at the racecourse before the start of the race; it is also more interesting to watch the horse you are betting on live. At the racecourse, there are two possibilities for betting: at the totalisator or at all the terminals.

In the first case, all bets are collected and distributed to the winners after deducting the percentage determined by law.

In the second case, you can bet on the races of other Italian and foreign racecourses at the racecourse terminals (the odds paid refer to the national totalisator).


The possibility of going to the racecourse is not always within everyone’s reach, for reasons of time or simply because it is too far from the area where you live; in this case you have to settle for a horse racing agency, where you can still bet and follow the race live from the monitors.

Horse racing agencies are the most widely used by bettors who do not use the Internet, the service of the agency is very functional because you can bet in real time on all the races of the day, follow the various races directly from the television circuit in each agency and then also cash any winnings made.


If you want to be comfortable at home, the best way to place your bets is through authorised bookmakers. All bookmakers have a horse racing section and a live streaming section.


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