Coupon codes

Most gaming sites use coupon codes as a marketing tool to attract more players to their website. The type and value of these codes may differ from site to site, but their purpose is the same – to keep you playing and enjoying the games that you like most.

What are coupon codes and how to use them?

A coupon code is a series of digits and characters that when entered in the system at any online gaming platform unlock various benefits for the player such as free play, tickets, deposit bonuses, balance boosts, and even no deposit bonuses. Sports betting coupon codes, for instance, are part of the extensive award system whereby the online sportsbooks platforms can reward their players. Depending on the type whether the code is for sports or it’s a casino code, the providers are always full of surprises.

Players are always pampered with bonuses and promotions from these codes to make gaming even more enjoyable. You get a chance to keep playing even when your balance has run out. You will agree that there is nothing merrier than pushing your cash aside to play for free even if it’s just a few rounds. Any player will be all smiles when rolling the reels or playing any other game for free.

These sports or casino coupon codes can be won during gameplay, awarded by the casino or shared by a friend. Whichever way, for the player they come as a bundle of joy and are always welcome. All you have to do is to redeem the code to unlock the bonus by filling in the code characters in a designated box and enjoy the goodies!

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Types of coupon codes

If you navigate to the promotions section of any gaming site, you will realize that they have several promotions and bonuses on offer, many of which are activated using a coupon code. These are accompanied by instructions on how to go about them. They can be put into different categories, as discussed below.

Sports betting/exchange coupons

Sports betting providers often offer a comprehensive welcome package to new players, unlockable by a sports betting coupon code. This is due to the stiff competition in the market that sees each provider trying to give the most attractive and lucrative package. Using the code, you’ll get deals such as free bets, cashbacks in case you lose and profit boosts to increase your payout if you make the right predictions.

Casino coupon codes

Like sports betting ones, casino codes are also quite popular and are typically eligible for awarding free spins for slots and matched bonuses for playing other casino games. You can use this type of code for claiming a welcome bonus or an ongoing promotion that will allow you to keep playing.

Casino coupon codes

Live casino coupon codes

Due to the real-time nature of live casino games, they typically see a smaller collection of bonuses. And when it comes to their casino codes, you will have to redeem and use them right away. Otherwise, they will expire before you can enjoy their goodies.


Poker also has a small collection of bonuses but if you are keen on playing a game for free, be ready to be showered with great prizes. You can redeem your no-deposit or matched bonus codes and enjoy the thrill of poker. A reload code for poker is also a common offer to allow you to boost your bankroll so that you can get back to gaming.


Thanks to bingo coupon codes, you can win yourself a free bingo card and play a game for absolutely free. You can get this bonus card by buying a certain number of cards in a specific game, or you may also be awarded during gameplay whenever you get lucky, as long as you use the appropriate code.

What are the benefits of coupon codes?

Casino and sports betting codes are highly welcome to the players due to the advantages they bring along. With a code, you stand a chance to enjoy some exclusive benefits that a player without would only dream of.

To list just a few benefits, the code to unlock the welcome bonus is meant to give you a taste of the hospitality of your host. This gets you started fantastically. Secondly, the regular code bonuses are there to enable you to keep playing and enjoying the game.

For gaming providers, codes allow them to reward loyal players and encourage them to play more. It is also an excellent tool to attract new players. The sign up package is most times a key consideration for players when choosing a site. Moreover, these regular gifts can be used to encourage irregular players to become loyal players. It can, therefore, be seen that promotions are a powerful marketing tool for online casino operators. Once appropriately deployed it can boost the player numbers for a particular site. They are always a win-win for both the operators and the players.

Where can I find coupon codes?

Coupon codes can be found under the promotions section of the casino or sportsbook site that you are visiting. Here you will encounter a list of all the promotions available and the criterion you should undertake to qualify for them, plus a code, which is indicated in bold in most cases.

Also, the providers may opt to use advertising agencies to distribute the information and give out sports betting bonuses to qualifying candidates. Some players who have signed up for promotional notifications may also get emails on the same. You can also find this information on review articles which are meant to inform you on matters concerning online gaming. And excellent examples of code sources is this article that you’re reading right now. Why don’t you take advantage of some of the codes that we’ve outlined here for you? You’ll thank us later!

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Who can use a coupon code?

A code can be used by anybody who has it. This ranges from new players activating sign up bonus to existing regular players being given a taste of the VIP lounge. The best part about these codes is that some can be shared. If you won yourself a coupon, you could give to a friend so that they can use it.

Also, some sites have a referral bonus whereby if you invite a friend and they create an account, you are rewarded for bringing one more customer. Your referral bonus is independent of friend’s sign up bonus so they can still enjoy their welcome package. Moreover, by inviting your friend, the house could also auto generate a unique code based on your playing name so that your invited friend can use it! How cool is that?

How to use a coupon code to get a bonus?

That’s quite easy as long as you have a casino or sports betting account of the parent platform issuing the code. All you have to do is log into your account and navigate to the promotions page or whichever page where you will be prompted to enter your sequence of numbers (in most cases a URL will be provided). Once at the page type in the code carefully and then submit. Your bonus will be unlocked! How easy is that?

However, bear in mind that different types of codes have different ways of redeeming them; the process above is the conventional way of redeeming. Some coupons may not follow the procedure, so you have to check the instructions provided. Sometimes, clicking a URL/link will automatically activate the given code. And in case your code does not work, please check out the FAQ section of the website for possible solutions or better yet, contact the support team.

Do I have to make a deposit when using a code?

The best part about coupon codes is that you can enjoy them even without having to make a deposit first. For example, if you win a no-deposit offer, you can redeem it and start playing with zero balance. On the contrary, most promotions would require you to deposit a certain amount for you to use them. Actually, you may even win yourself a coupon when making a deposit! Just make sure you look at the terms of redeeming the code before you proceed.

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Can existing customers use coupon codes?

For most online gaming platforms, the sign up promotional code is awarded just to get you started! Honestly speaking, existing customers have access to more coupons than new customers. If you take a peep at the promotions section, you will see that there is always something for you.

All you have to do is to make sure that you qualify to be rewarded some of them. You can do that by reading the instructions and following them. Some of the promotions available for existing customers include app installation, loyalty bonus, balance boost, and reload bonus. Others can even be won during gameplay for novice players.

Do coupon codes expire?

Typically, all codes have expiry timelines. The expiry date and time is usually indicated alongside the coupon code on the card. It is a sad realization that the most lucrative offers usually have the shortest expiry timelines.

Various types of codes have different expiry timelines which vary from one site to another. Some codes have an expiry of hours; others may be valid for days while some may last for up to several months. It is advisable to check the expiry date of the code as soon as it is awarded and use it as quickly as possible to avoid wastage.

Are there coupon codes for mobile?

Most gaming providers support mobile gaming as they provide an application for players to use on their smartphones and tablets. As a result, various casinos have various mobile specific bonuses for mobile gamers, which will come with a promotional code.

A good example is the install bonus you get after installing the app on your mobile device for the first time. You can go ahead and create an account to redeem the coupon code to start playing. Also, depending on casino policy, most codes available for online casinos can be activated or redeemed on the mobile casino. As a player, you will have to read and understand the terms applicable for your promotion to be usable on your mobile device.

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FAQs about Betting Coupon Codes?

Below are the most frequent questions asked by players concerning codes. The suggested solutions will work in most cases. But if your problem is still not solved, you can always contact the provider’s customer care. You can also read the terms and conditions to make sure you are not on the wrong side.

The code that I’ve used doesn’t seem to work, what can I do?

Check if you typed the code correctly. These codes can sometimes be hard to type, especially when they come as a series of random text, a bunch of numbers, and some characters. You also need to confirm that you are using your code at the right casino or sportsbook site.

If you have active gaming accounts at different sites, it is possible to get mixed up with the actual site where the code applies. Just make sure you got it right. Another reason could be that your code is expired. Make sure you check the expiry period of your codes so that you can use them in good time. If everything on your end checks out, then you’ll have to reach out to customer support.

I didn’t get my sign up offer, what could be the reason?

Did you complete the sign up process? One of the most common reasons could be that you never provided all the required information. All you have to do is to go to your profile and make sure it’s all set up, and your sign up offer will be underway. Another reason for this could be that you opened a free account. Almost all gaming sites give a sign up bonus to real money account holders.

How can I get regular coupon codes after using a sign-up offer bonus?

Operators always have something for you. Problem is most times players are not aware of the available promotions. All you have to do is sign up for promotional notifications so that you can stay up to date. You can choose to receive them by mail, by phone or on your gaming portal. Also, you can check out the promotions section from time to time for any offers that may suit you.